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F. Vettergreen, “Stettler (for Verna)”; acrylic on stitched canvas, 2011, ~19×20 in.

Well, here we are at Nana’s house, getting ready for my sweetie’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration tomorrow.   It’s well over 30C outside (37 yesterday, yikes) and there are 15 people in the house, all scrambling with last-minute preparations.  Amazingly, everybody is in a pretty good mood, and my little guy is enjoying a nice long afternoon nap.

Okay, maybe I’m enjoying his nice long afternoon nap more than he is!

Here’s a painting I made for a group show put together by the talented Verna Vogel.  Verna makes gorgeous, intricate paintings on canvases she stitches to create the outline of an urban skyline.    For this show she gave 12 landscape artists each one of her prepared canvases, then let us go to town.  Ecosystems opens at the Untitled Art Society’s Satellite Gallery next Friday.