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painting elves rock

F. Vettergreen, "first orange" 2011; oil and wax on canvas, 6x6 inches

My painting elves were at it again.  I left Steam III: View on the easel yesterday hoping it would still be wet enough to scrape most of it off today…to discover on arrival this morning that the bits I thought weren’t working actually kinda were.  So I had a coffee and contemplated for a while and couldn’t think of anything else to do to it.  Then I moved it over to the drying corner and contemplated some more.  It’s done.  And I like it.  Thank heavens I had an appointment yesterday and didn’t have time to do any scraping before I left!

Moral of the story:  thou shalt not remove paint at the end of the day.  Wait.  Start again if you miss the window and it really is bad…after all, it’s only a piece of masonite until you make it art.

So I painted my lunch again.  I’m thinking there will be a show of these little guys…what do you think?  A room full of tiny pictures of fruit…