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Wondering what happened to that great painting you saw the last time you visited?  It might be here!

VettergreenFM, Sunset, Fishing Lake,

Sunset, Fishing Lake, oil and wax on panel, 30×30″. Collection of the artist.

The familiar view west from the end of the pier, the lake restless beneath your feet, clouds catching the colours as the sun slips below the horizon.  The story of the Sky series is here.



Premier Way/10th Street, oil and wax on panel, 36 x 49″.  Private Collection.

Spring snow at a familiar intersection, last fall’s leaves;  sunshine on standing water.


Demonstration Forest, 2012 ©FM Vettergreen, all rights reserved

Demonstration Forest, 2012; acrylic, conte, oil and wax on panel, 36 x 36″.   Private Collection.

Seed heads through deep snow, silent trees, traces of summer’s children.  Mapping.